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The power of the ocean and beaches have long known in the pursuit of beautiful skin. From salt scrubs to the glories of basking in the sun youth + love understands and nurtures that with revolutionary marine collagen peptides, based on the power of the seas.

The latest wonder offered up by the sea is that of marine collagen. Marine collagen is derived from the scales of fish which is formed into a powdered supplement. Its proven effects enhance the beauty and youth of your skin through a myriad of ways – backed up not only by the ocean’s mysteries, but also firm science.

Collagen is vital to our everyday bodily processes, and supplementing your diet with it. Specifically marine collagen – has so many benefits it is almost unbelievable!

A proven antioxidant!

Antioxidants have long been touted for their anti-aging properties and marine collagen delivers this goodness in bundles! Antioxidants help repair the stresses and damages caused to skin by toxins and those long days basking in summer sun. These antioxidants help build the epidermis and reinvigorate your skin. By taking marine collagen you can ensure to repair any damage done during those lazy beach days by UV rays, those wild girls night out, or just day to day stress. Buying marine collagen means you get the antioxidants you might otherwise be buying, along with so many other amazing benefits!

Perfect nails!

Marine collagen helps repair your skin giving you that youthful glow, but it also repairs and regrows your nails. Collagen is the base not only to your skin but to your nails. When you take marine collagen supplements you are increasing the availability of these building blocks to your body. With more blocks to build with, your body’s natural processes can repair damages to your nails even better than before. When you buy and take marine collagen supplement you can help fight these signs of aging by making sure your body has so much more to work with.

Beautiful skin, perfect nails, AND flawless hair!

We all spend so much buying shampoos and conditioners that promise to rebuild and protect our hair. Along with the usual stresses of aging and everyday wear, we pile chemicals onto our hair – damaging it beyond measure. With collagen as a vital part of hair growth, increasing your intake of collagen peptides helps your body regrow hair just as it helps with nails. This means that in no time you’ll be undoing the effects of aging in your skin, your nails, AND your hair! With marine collagen you’ll have the shimmering and strong hair we at youth + love cherish so much.

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