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Marine Collagen Benefits

Marine collagen is a form of hydrolyzed collagen taken from the skin/scales of saltwater fish. Youth and Love extract this collagen and uses it to create a powerful powdered supplement. This supplement can be mixed with water and drank whenever you like. We also provide different flavours to ensure you find one that hits the spot. Enjoy the marine collagen benefits!

But, why oh why would you want to consume a marine collagen supplement? Believe it or not, it actually has loads of incredible benefits for your body. Don’t just take our word for it, check out all the marine collagen benefits below:

Maintains Skin Strength

While marine collagen does help with bones, it’s perhaps most known for how it helps your skin. Listen, it’s no secret that your skin tends to get a bit worse as you get older. It loses its firmness and starts to look a lot looser than it once did. Now, if you still have ambitions of turning heads on a hot beach or being the centre of attention in a busy bar, then you need some marine collagen. It’s scientifically proven to help maintain the strength of your skin, and help it retain its elasticity over time. It does this by flushing your body full of new collagen and protein that you don’t produce as much of when you enter your late twenties.

Anti-Ageing Properties

No doubt a lot of you have probably spent lots of money buying anti-ageing creams in a bid to stop those wrinkles from occurring. No matter what you try, no cream is going to be fully effective. However, marine collagen has anti-ageing properties that are proven to work. People get wrinkles because tiny muscles in their face are contracting. With marine collagen peptide, you consume a supplement that targets these muscles under the skin. It strengthens them and keeps your face looking nice and smoothe. By tackling the cause of wrinkles, marine collagen is far more effective than any cream on the market.

Strong & Healthy Nails

Another key benefit of consuming marine collagen supplements is that they help keep your nails in good condition. As collagen is a form of protein, it helps regrow nails and builds them up to be much stronger and healthier. This will leave you with some long, strong, nails that draw everyone’s attention. So, if you’re obsessed with nail varnish, then a marine collagen supplement is a must for you!

Soft & Healthy Hair

If you’re going through your daily beauty routine, then what’s the one thing that demands most of your attention? That’s right, it’s your hair! Hair is a complex thing that’s actually made from a type of protein. Over time, your hair can become damaged as it’s exposed to loads of bad things. All that hairspray and the heat from your dryer/straighteners may make your hair look sexy, but it will damage it in the long run. Science has shown that supplementing marine collagen can dramatically improve the health of your hair. By supplementing it regularly, your hair will become so much softer and feel a lot fuller too. You’ll be able to run your hand through your silky locks and truly feel like it’s healthy once more.

Encourages Bone Growth

There have been so many scientific studies conducted on marine collagen and its many benefits. One of the biggest ones was a study into how it affects bone development. Scientists spent days and weeks in their fancy white labs researching this. After many sleepless nights, they finally came to the conclusion that marine collagen can encourage and promote bone growth. When bones are supplemented with this collagen, they start to grow a lot quicker and become more dense and tough too. This makes the supplement great for anyone with weak bones that’s looking to get a little bit stronger.

No Pain, No Negative Side Effects

Perhaps the biggest benefit of marine collagen supplements is that they provide your body with all this goodness, and don’t have any negative side effects. Collagen is naturally occurring in your body, so there aren’t any bad side effects that you will experience. Likewise, it’s a great alternative to getting a cosmetic procedure. Many people will fork out thousands on cosmetic surgery to improve the health and look of their skin. Save your money, and opt for a pain-free method instead.

As you can see, marine collagen possesses a whole host of amazing benefits. Most people supplement it to help with their skin, but you can see how it benefits other parts of the body too. Buy marine collagen peptides now!