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Collagen is one of the most common proteins that you can discover in human body. It is playing a major role behind your body as well. In fact, collagen is responsible for keeping your skin elastic and supple. Moreover, collagen can deliver many other benefits to you, such as to keep the joints strong.

Production of collagen within the body will reduce along with age. This is where you should start paying more attention towards increasing the collagen intake. It will not be a difficult thing to do because you can find lots of supplements available in the market. All you have to do is to seek the assistance of the correct supplement and it can deliver all the benefits that you are looking forward to achieve at the end of the day.

When you deep dive and take a look at collagen, you will notice that many different types of collagen are available. Out of them, Marine collagen and Bovine collagen has received a lot of attention. From this article, we will provide you with a quick overview about the difference that exist in between Marine collagen and Bovine collagen. Then you can make an informed decision to stick to one collagen type out of these two. Along with that, you will also be able to stick to the collagen type and experience the positive results that it will send on your way.

Bovine Collagen 

Bovine Collagen is obtained from cows. You can think about considering it as the most common collagen type that you can find in the commercially available collagen supplements as well. 

When cattle are harvested for meat, the skins are removed and treated through a specialized procedure in order to obtain Bovine Collagen. During this treatment process, you will be able to see how the collagen proteins are hydrolyzed. It will be able to break down the collagen proteins into digestible and small amino acids. 

It is possible to obtain Bovine Collagen from both finished cattle as well as grass-fed cattle. However, people who are obtaining Bovine Collagen pay special attention towards grass fed cattle. Then they will be able to make sure that people are not consuming that is made out of any inhumane method.

The grass fed collagen that you can purchase in the market mostly comes from the countries that have maintained an excellent reputation throughout the history for the production of collagen.  Argentina is a perfect country to prove the above-mentioned fact. The best thing about grass-fed cattle that you can find in Argentina is that they are not provided with excessive amounts of antibiotics or growth hormones. Therefore, collagen produced by those cattle are ideal for human consumption as well.

How does Bovine Collagen work? 

Bovine Collagen is made out of type 1 collagen and type 3 collagen. These two types of collagen are responsible for the repair of bones and ensuring the wellbeing of your skin. In addition to that, you will be able to contribute towards the overall health of ligaments and tendons with the help of Bovine Collagen.

In order to help your body to build type 1 collagen and type 2 collagen, you need to make sure that you are supplying enough amounts of amino acids such as proline and glycine. That’s where Bovine Collagen will be able to assist you with. You need to make sure that you are consuming Bovine Collagen on a daily basis to experience all the outstanding benefits that come along with it. 

What are the health benefits of Bovine Collagen?

Bovine Collagen can deliver a large number of outstanding health benefits to you. Here is a list of some of the most prominent health benefits out of them.

  • Reduce joint pain 

If you are struggling with a joint pain, you can think about consuming Bovine Collagen. In fact, Bovine Collagen can eliminate the joint pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis in an effective manner. This is done by stimulating the cartilage production. Along with that, you can effectively control your joint pain and cushion the joints that you have in your body in an effective manner.

  • Improve gut health 

Bovine Collagen will be able to help people with improving overall gut health as well. If you have been struggling with leaky gut, you can overcome the negative effects associated with it through the consumption of Bovine Collagen. It can also provide a great assistance to you with repairing all the microscopic holes that are formed in the gut lining.

  • Increased strength 

The ability of Bovine Collagen to deliver increased strength to a person is impressive. This will deliver you the chance to get your day to day work done in a better way with enhanced strength levels. You will fall in love with this benefit as well.

  • Better recovery 

You will be able to discover a higher concentration of amino acids in Bovine Collagen. This will provide you with the chance to speed up athletic recovery process. It can even help you to speed up recovery after you engage with a workout.

Marine Collagen

Now you have a basic overall understanding about Bovine collagen. While keeping those facts in mind, let’s pay our attention towards Marine Collagen. It is true that stews and stocks are made out of fish bones have been consumed by people for many years. However, Marine Collagen supplements are new to the market. 

Fish skin is used for the production of Marine Collagen. This includes fish scales as well. In fact, fish skin and scales are often thrown as waste when fish is being produced for food. However, they can be used for the Marine Collagen production in an effective manner. 

It is important to make sure that fish skin and scales used for the production of Marine Collagen are obtained from sustainable fisheries that exist out there in the world. Then it is possible to make sure that the process of producing Marine Collagen is not in a position to create a negative impact on the environment that we live in.

How does Marine Collagen work? 

The functionality offered by Marine Collagen within your body is pretty much similar to the functionality that you can get out of Bovine collagen. In fact, it is responsible for delivering amino acids into your body. This will help you to develop healthy and strong connective tissues within the body.

There are some differences in between Marine Collagen and Bovine collagen as well. For example, Marine Collagen will only be able to provide you with type 1 collagen into the body. On the other hand, you need to understand that the peptide molecules offered by them are smaller in size. Hence, they are more absorbable and bio-available.

You will be able to discover lots of hydroxyproline amino acid in Marine Collagen. It is one of the most important components that you can find in the blood vessel walls, skin and other connective tissues in the body.

Health benefits of Marine Collagen

Similar to Bovine collagen, Marine Collagen can also provide you with some outstanding health benefits. Here are some of the most prominent health benefits that you will be able to experience out of it. 

  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles 

If you are struggling with the appearance of wrinkles on your skin, Marine Collagen is one of the best supplements available for you to consider. Wrinkles appear on your skin when there is loss of elasticity. If you can supply elasticity back into the skin, you will be able to overcome the appearance of wrinkles on the skin. Therefore, you will be able to maintain a smooth texture in your skin.

  • Reduce the signs of aging 

The ability of Marine Collagen to reduce the signs of aging is impressive. Most of the people in today’s world are subjected to signs of premature aging because they are exposed to free radicals found out there in the environment. You can effectively suppress free radical damage with the help of Marine Collagen. That’s because Marine Collagen comes along with lots of antioxidants. These antioxidants are in a position to block the path of free radicals. Therefore, you can deliver enhanced protection to your skin against the oxidation process.

  • You can get a healthier skin

From numerous studies, it has been proven that Marine Collagen is capable of providing you with a healthier skin. That’s because it can increase the moisture levels of your skin. Moreover, it can also provide you with protection against the harmful effects that exposure to UV rays given out by the sun can create.

Final words

Now you are aware about the differences that exist in between Marine Collagen and Bovine collagen. Due to the same reason, you will never get confused when you are purchasing supplements available in the market. You will also be able to go through the collagen supplements available out there and pick the best collagen supplements out of them. 


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