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Skin Hair and Nail Vitamins

Skin hair and nail vitamins are huge in most of the Asian countries especially Japan. It has a loyal following in the United States as a supplement used for joint health. In terms of the amount of the collagen protein we actually hold in our bodies this protein is underrated. Rather most people are unfamiliar with its amazing skin hair and nail vitamin benefits. So what does the Asian market actually see differently from the rest of the world? In the most simplistic terms it would be its nutritional cosmetic value. They agree with the theory of beauty from within as opposed to topical products.

Oral ingestion of collagen in Japan consists of about 95% of the collagen market with millions ingesting collagen daily. If the rest of the world wants to reap the benefits it would be wise to follow the trend. The more we learn about the cosmetic benefits and values of collagen the clearer it gets that internal beauty has a stronger effect.

Oppose the Trend ?

Amongst every trend there as an opposition party. This is where science enters to battle consumer skepticism. Collagen science has advanced tremendously with many factors such as research, clinical studies and even programs that can track progression. Dozens or more clinical studies have confirmed collagens effectiveness. Furthermore it has gone as far as advanced machinery which test skin elasticity, hydration, suppleness, and wrinkle reduction.

The super protein!

Bringing this all into perspective it is important to understand the core of this super-protein. Collagen is the fundamental to our skin, hair and nails. It is also the main component of artery walls, cartilage, and even our eyes. Collagen constitutes 80% of the skins dermal layer which essentially makes it the foundation of skin. Smooth wrinkle-free skin is the way it is thanks to the structural support of an abundance of collagen. The composition of a single collagen protein is a very rich amino-acid strand. Skins creation begins with fibroblast cells as they “spin” the collagen strands into a web like structure. This creates a formidable web matrix of skin that intertwine and cross link to provide a network on which the new cells grow on.

The decline begins around age 25 when our collagen production decreases around 1.4% yearly. By age 40 collagen levels have declined as much as 25%. This leads to dry skin, wrinkles, and loss of vitality. If this is not enough oxidative stress and environmental damages such as UV rays speed up this decline.

 Whats next?

Supplementing this powerful hair, skin and nail vitamins is the only way to slow down this decline. It helps increase the body’s natural collagen production back to its youthful levels. Only when taken orally does a special set of amino acids trigger the body to produce collagen. As opposed to topical solutions which lose their effects when washed off every night. The effects only remain on the front layer of the dermis and just while it is still intact.

Even collagen does not work for people at times. There is research claiming that collagen powder is just another fad and its effects are actually not real. This can be true depending on the quality and type of collagen consumed. There are many different companies, sources and manufactures of these skin, hair and nail vitamins. The biggest enemy and barrier to collagen consumption occurs in the gut where the acids are present. The body has to break down the peptides into smaller amino acids which allow for absorption and ultimately results. Then the body reassembles these amino acids into proteins our body needs. Rather if the collagen molecule arrives too large to the gut it does not manage to get absorbed by the intestinal wall. You should consume marine collagen peptides that are hydrolyzed to weigh below 4800 Daltons for maximum benefit. In contrast most collagen type II which are on the market (non marine collagen) weigh around 20000 Daltons per molecule. Then you understand why people claim it doesn’t work.

So now what?

According to a clinical study female subjects aged 45–65 received either 2.5 g of a collagen ingredient daily or a placebo for eight weeks. They then had their skin wrinkles measured before treatment, at four and eight weeks into the protocol, and, finally, at four weeks after treatment ceased. Results showed that reductions in eye-wrinkle volume among the treatment group were statistically significant at four weeks and grew more pronounced at eight, attaining a maximum reduction volume of 50%. Further collagen type I content was increased by 65%, elastin by 18%, and fibrillin by 6% after eight weeks of marine collagen peptide treatment.” The addition of hyaluronic acid as a sidekick always enhances the benefits. Hyaluronic acid aggressively hydrates your skin.

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