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What is collagen?

Collagen is a mesh of fibers in the skin which makes up 70% of the skins characteristic. It has high quantities of four amino acids which provide the elasticity, increased hydration and youth to the skin.

I know you didn’t come here to read a science lesson so let youth + love simplify it down for you. If you take a ball (molecule) that’s 5 inches in diameter and put it into a cup that’s 3 inches in diameter..…wait that’s impossible it wouldn’t fit, the most it would do is sit on top of the cup and look like a trophy one of those soccer professionals would get after winning the world cup (minus the gold).

This is exactly what happens when my babes purchase expensive lotions that contain collagen and claim that they reduce the effects of ageing. Why is this so? It’s because the collagen molecule is far too large to pass through the skins pores and are unable to actually penetrate the surface of the skin. The lotion only has its affects while it is still on the skin. Once the skin is washed you are only left with a trophy minus that golden ball!

The only bioavailable way to get collagen to the skin is by consumption where the 5 inch diameter molecule gets broken down in the body to a 2 inch molecule so it can penetrate the skin correctly.

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