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Collagen is king!

With all the new talk about collagen powder all over the news and social media, there is a question to be asked. What is collagen powder? Many of us have heard of collagen during science class. This is the main protein which makes up our skin and helps us retain our youthful look. High collagen levels give you the plump elastic and hydrated feel to your skin. Unfortunately. collagen diminishes as we age. Rather, scientific evidence states collagen levels start to decline in our early 20’s. Hence, the goal of using any type of collagen powder is to restore these lost collagen levels.

Different types of collagen powders:

There are several different types of collagen powders and sources they come from. Many products are made with bovine collagen or collagen from a beef source. The least bioavailable collagen comes from vegetarian sources and are almost utterly useless. Most noteworthy, the highest bioavailable collagen powder comes from marine sources or fish scales.

Collagen protein powder is extracted through a system called hydrolyzation. This pulls out very small protein molecules from fish scales which are marine collagen peptides. Therefore, the hydrolyzed collagen is much more bioavailable and can pass through our digestive system easily. Nonetheless, this type of collagen extraction is only done with marine collagen.



How is collagen powder ingested? 

Collagen powders are ingested through either liquid or pill form. You can decide what type of mixture and recipe best suits you. Many daily collagen drinkers put the powder into water, juice, a smoothie or drizzle it onto yogurt. Finally, there are no negative side effects when taking collagen powder. Finally, having a great tasting collagen powder such as Youth + Love’s blueberry marine collagen can better the experience.


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