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So what’s all this talk about collagen?

Our skin is made up of 70% collagen the smooth plump appearance of young healthy skin is due to a healthy abundance of this protein

Think of youth and love as the most important cosmetic product in your suite. Our marine collagen peptide is high quality 100% organic, hydrolyzed and derived from Deep Sea Norwegian cod. Providing you with only the best benefits for that lovely skin, hair and nails. Through high bioavailability marine collagen allows you to remain and achieve that youthful look. Plus+ when we add some awesome ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or green tea extract and top it off with dried fruit flavoring you get the perfect nutricosmetic. That’s how we share our youth and love with you.

The collagen molecule is notoriously large and has difficulty penetrating the dermis (skin) which is where it holds its value. Not to say cosmetic products that contain collagen do not work, but they definitely don’t add collagen into your skin. Marine collagen peptides are broken down from protein to amino acid. This allows for a micro or hydrolyzed molecule and is the only way that your body can absorb collagen. This is done through consumption only, allowing your body to synthesize the broken down amino acids into collagen proteins which you derive the benefit from.

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